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Admissions & Amusements Tax Information

Admissions & Amusements Tax Information:

How Much is the A&A Tax?

  • 10%

What is the A&A Tax?

  • It is a MD only tax, mostly distributed to Rockville City (the rate is determined by Rockville City).
  • All indoor recreation facilities must pay this tax on all league fees, rental fees & party fees.
  • Instructional fees are exempt from this tax
  • Sales and use tax exemptions do not apply to this tax see more information.

Why is this fee being added?

  • The State of Maryland requires this tax to be paid so Michael & Son Sportsplex at Rockville must add the tax on top of the applicable fees.
  • The seperation of the tax on your invoice will provide all customers the total amount that will be paid on their behalf to the comptroller of MD to fulfill the A&A tax requirement.
  • Michael and Son Sporstplex breaks the tax out in an effort to show full disclosure to our customers instead of just including the tax in our prices.
  • For any questions about the tax, please feel free to check out the comptroller of MD’s website.


All participants and spectators at E&B Indoor soccer wil need to purchase a membership thru Rockville Sports Arena.

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