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COVID-19 Procedures

Due to COVID-19 the following facility procedures have been put into place. 

  1. All customers for all leagues, rentals, classes, parties and all other activities will need to purchase a membership at www.yoursportspass.com. Memberships will need to be scanned to enter the facility.
  2. All employees will wear a mask at all times if mandated by government officials, and customers will wear a mask until they enter a playing surface.  Customers will need to put the mask back on when going they exit a playing surface
  3. The Office will be locked down to front desk staff only. No coaches, referees, customers, will be allowed behind the front desk or in the office.
  4. Stanchions  will be used to help direct the flow of traffic in the building.
  5. No teams or rentals will be allowed inside the building more than ten minutes prior to their game start time.
  6. Arrows will also be placed on the ground showing which way to walk in the hallway.
  7. Teams and rentals waiting to play will be directed to the mezzanine.
  8. Upstairs on the mezzanine, eight areas will be marked off as designated waiting areas for teams and rentals.  These waiting areas will have social distancing markers.  Teams and rentals will be called on by staff to enter the fields at the appropriate times.
  9. A rope divider has been placed along the center of the stairs to mark which way is up and which way is down
  10. An additional ten minutes will be added to each game to allow for the transition of teams and  to allow for the player bench areas to be sanitized.
  11. Entering and exiting the field of play will be as follows:  All players exiting will go the entrance closest to the center of the building, or the “near exit”.  Players who are entering the field will use the “far exit”.  Players with multiple games must leave the facility and then come back at their designated second game time
  12. All guest players must notify the facility 30 minutes ahead of time and will need a normal facility membership to enter the building.
  13. All youth program equipment will be sanitized between each class using either wipes or UV light and at the end of each day
  14. Hand sanitizer or wipes will be made available to each class or camp participant
  15. All bleachers and benches not on the playing surface have been flipped over and secured with a cable or lock so they can’t be used.  Social distancing markers have been placed in the hallways.
  16. Hockey leagues will have an extra ten minutes per game to allow for changing on the court, and for the bags to be placed in each team’s designated area on the floor. Team benches have been taped off and players will only be allowed in those areas.
  17. Hand Sanitizing bottles have been secured in every player and scorekeeper box as well as in the main hallways and upstairs.
  18. There will be no spectators allowed in the building for league play or rentals.  One parent/guardian per child will be allowed for any youth leagues or classes.
  19. A “hands free” door opener has been installed on both bathroom doors.
  20. All physical contact after games is prohibited- teams can give each other a verbal congrats or they can exchange toe-taps.
  21. All pinnies will be worn only once and must be washed.  They cannot be shared by teammates.
  22. All water fountains will be closed with a garbage bag and duct tape over them.  Players will be encouraged to bring their own drink
  23. Soda Machines will be turned off until further notice
  24. Everyone in the restaurant area must wear a mask and no more than 2 individuals per table to maintain social distancing and mandates
  25. Open gym will be maxed out as follows:  10 people on LTA, 10 people per court, 20 people per field.  All open gym participants will wear wristbands at all times and must leave immediately after they are done playing.
  26. After any rentals or games, teams/rentals will need to leave the facility, there will be no changing in the downstairs hallways, Boli’s dining area or bathrooms.
  27. Alarms have been placed on all emergency exit doors. Signs have been posted that anyone entering or exiting through these doors will be banned from the facility.


All participants and spectators at E&B Indoor soccer wil need to purchase a membership thru Rockville Sports Arena.

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