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Futsal Rules

General Rules:

Goal Clearance: ball out of play over goal line is a throw by goalie, goalie in box to throw, ball has to leave box to be in play, goalie cannot drop to himself and kick.

When goalie has possession of the ball (by hand or by feet) and passes to one of his teammates they cannot pass back to him until ball touches one of the opponent team players.

Minimum 3 players to play including the goalie and they have to have 3 players to start the game. Accumulative fouls do not carry to 2nd half but carry into overtime.

Shoulder to shoulder or any kind of charging is not allowed.

Direct Free kick fouls are accumulative fouls. Each team is allowed only 5 fouls for entire team for entire half of the game. Starting with the 6th foul every Free Kick foul will become a penalty kick from the second penalty spot.

Goalie has 4 seconds to release the ball at all times.

Goalie cannot score by drop kick or throwing but, he can roll the ball on the ground and score a goal.

Kick-in for throw in and ball must be stopped on the line or touching the line. Kick in is indirect, both feet must be outside or on the line. 4 seconds to kick and ball must be placed on the ground by hand in kick-in and corner kick.

For the kick-in if the ball does not go in, the opponent team will Kick-In.

Following a Red Card the team plays short only for 2 minutes, unless goal is scored. Red carded player cannot return.

Team benches must be on each team’s goal side of halfway line. Teams and benches change positions at halftime.

Each team can have 1minute time out each half when they have the possession of the ball.

There are no offside infractions in Futsal.

No quick restarts. All restarts are ceremonial.

After the buzzer the momentum of the ball is important if ball enters the net, goal counts, if it hits any player the game is over.

Each game is 2×20 minutes with 2 minutes half time break.

Centerline Goal Throw rule: only for goalie in U16 & under. The Goalie cannot throw, punt or drop kick over Center Line unless the ball touches the ground or a player on his side of the court.

Kick-off is an indirect kick for all ages.

No slide tackle (direct kick); goalie can slide in the box. Slide tackle is an accumulative foul.

If a corner kick is not taken in 4 seconds the restart is a goal clearance.

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