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Multi-Sport Camps

All Sportsplex participants will be required to purchase a facility membership to participate in all activities at The Sportsplex

Looking for a way to keep your kids entertained this summer? For a week of fun this summer there’s no better option than multi-sports camps operated by Michael & Son Sportsplex at Rockville. We provide kids with fast, frantic fun by combining a range of games with social development in a safe setting. Better still, with different games taking place each day, boredom is never an option.

Bring your child to The Michael & Son Sportsplex At Rockville for a week of fun this summer. If your child enjoys sports or wants to try new sports, this is the camp for you. Your child will have a week of fun, learning and playing sports that might include flag football, soccer, wiffleball, volleyball, basketball, kickball, team handball and others.


While there’s nothing wrong with children having a favorite sport, experiencing a range of activities is the best way to grow on and off the playing field. Allow your kids to develop a love of sports that they may not usually play, and it can lead to truly great things. Sports camps are the ultimate way to do it.

Your child will have a week of fun, learning and playing sports that might include flag football, soccer, wiffleball, volleyball, basketball, kickball, team handball, and others. However, kids with a clear favorite can enjoy basketball camps or soccer camps until 2 PM before switching to the multi-sports camps in the afternoon. This provides the best of both worlds.

Either way, our summer camps provide truly incredible experiences for boys and girls of all ages. In addition to the fun, the professional coaching they receive is sure to turn them into better players across a host of different sports. What more could anyone ask for?


Our multi-sports camps do focus on helping children develop skills in an array of different sports. However, it’s more than just a game. As such, we go the extra mile to push children to develop key social skills including communication and leadership. The rewards of doing this extend far beyond sport alone.

Our multi-sports camps are the perfect place for youngster across Germantown, MD, Rockville, MD, Bethesda, MD, Columbia, and Clarksburg to build on existing friendships and create new ones in the process. Our multi-sports camps truly do provide the comprehensive life experiences that your child will cherish.

No wonder we’re a hit with players and parents alike.

Health History and Immunization Form Here
We have a no refund policy

Example Day
9:00am- Warm-Up
9:30am- Soccer Instruction & Game
10:20am- Break
10:30am- Basketball Instruction & Game
11:30am- Lunch Break
12:15pm- Kickball
1:00pm- Team Handball
1:30pm- Flag Football Instruction & Game
2:00pm- Floor Hockey Instruction & Game
2:30pm- Run Down
3:00pm – Dodgeball
3:30pm – Snack
4:00pm – Volleyball Instruction & Game
4:30pm – Lacrosse Instruction & Game
5:00pm – Movie and Board Games
6:00pm- End of Day Check out

‘Early Bird’ Pricing – April and May

9am-2pm / 9am-6pm

5 Days – $175 / $200
4 Days – $160 / $180
3 Days – $135 / $150
2 Days – $100 / $110
1 Day – $55 / $60
Beginning June 1st, prices increase $5/day for both full / half day registrations

Week of August 8 – 12- Click on the week to register

Week of August 15 – 19- Click on the week to register

  • Coaches 10:1 ratio to campers.
  • Soccer & Basketball camps are instructional, but kept fun.
  • Any child who registers for a half day camp and remains after 2pm, will be charged for the full day camp. Any remaining after 5pm will be charged an additional $10
  • Multi-Sport camp: ages 6-14
  • Play variety of sports.
  • Kids are grouped by age.
  • We can place friends and siblings in the same group.
  • Register for the full week or for a single day, whatever your schedule allows.


All participants and spectators at E&B Indoor soccer wil need to purchase a membership thru Rockville Sports Arena.

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