What Are The Basic Rules Of Playing Volleyball?

When playing any sort of sport, you always need to start out by learning the basic rules about it. With that being said, below, we are going to provide you with an overview of the basic rules when playing volleyball.

  • There are six players per team; three on the back row and three on the front row
  • Each side has a maximum of three hits
  • A player can not attack or block a serve from on or inside the ten ft. line
  • If two or more players make contact with the ball at the same time, this is deemed one play and so it means that any of the players that were involved are allowed to make the next contact – this is so long as the next contact is not the team’s fourth hit
  • It is deemed illegal to throw, hold, or catch a ball
  • It is deemed legal if you make ball contact with any part of your body
  • There are several different scenarios that mean a ball is ‘out’ and this includes if it hits the following…
    • The ceiling above an area that is not playable
    • The referee pole or stand
    • Any of the cables or net outside the antennae
    • The flooring that is totally outside of the court
    • An antenna
  • A ball that hits a boundary line is deemed ‘in’
  • During a volley and on serve, a ball may be played off the net
  • A player is not allowed to hit the ball in succession twice – a block is not deemed to be a hit

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